Dec 13 2008

Johanna is getting a new engine

New engine is waiting in the garage. Biggest problem is most likely hoe to get the old one out, and which route. The old engine weights approx 300 kg so some kind of mechanic/hydraulic power is needed. First it needs to be taken approx 1 meter forward, after that about 1 meter upwards and then two meters backwards. Then we are out, and approx three meters from ther ground.

New engine is 30 hp Yanmar and the engine bed needs to be adjusted to it. At the same time the propeller shaft and propeller need to be changed.

Dec 1 2008

Johanna’s comfort ratio

In WB-Sails document was mentioned Ted Brewer’s Comfor Ratio. It has been accepted as a reasonable way to compare different type of yachts. Here is a short description at Ted Brewer’s website of it:

The CR is : Displacement in pounds/ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x B1.333). Ratios will vary from 5.0 for a light daysailer to the high 60s for a super heavy vessel, such as a Colin Archer ketch. Moderate and successful ocean cruisers, such as the Valiant 40 and Whitby 42, will fall into the low-middle 30s range.”

I calculated this comfort ratio for Johanna and got 50 as a result. This tells what also I have found out without any formulas. Comfortable, also in bad weather.

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